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SAIIA Youth calls for more women inclusion for economic impact

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SAIIA Youth has addressed inequalities faced by women when it comes to ways in which they could be included in the economic growth and transformation of SA.

The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) Youth Programme honoured women on Women’s Day, and issued a statement on Monday, 9 August 2021. It addressed some challenges faced by women with regards to them being able to contribute to the economy of the country through education and employment equality.

SAIIA Youth stressed that women, who make up more than half the national population, need to be strengthened economically, not only as a means to encourage economic growth, but also as a way of propagating women’s human rights. The programme also believes that when women are invested in and work is being done to abolish inequalities, there is a better chance for women to become significant players in various spaces of society. SAIIA Youth noted that the idea that women are accommodated was simply based on biased employment policies and management strategies.

The programme also called on businesses to start making a more noticeable effort at implementing gender diversity strategies, stating that projects to jumpstart this movement could be in favour of women. It further stated that this can be done by promising bonuses to the companies for meeting a certain number of women employees, employers, and those in management positions.

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