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Rwanda considers new tests for discharged Covid-19 patients

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The Director-General of Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana has stressed that although some Covid-19 patients have been discharged from hospital, they will be subject to the second round of tests for the virus.

“For all discharged patients, we will make sure they developed necessary antibodies against COVID-19”, the senior Rwandan health official told Rwanda Television on Monday, 20 April 2020.

According to him, this will be a rapid test that will avail the ministry with the results in a few minutes.

Regarding the discharged process, Rwandan Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Ngamije said the process involves conducting a series of tests.

“For any patient, after fourteen days we conduct the first test, if the test is negative, we conduct the second one. If the first test is positive, we are requested to wait, depending on the viral load that we are seeing until we conduct the second test and then the third one,” he explained.

“In the end, we need to have two consecutive tests which are negative. We are still in that process for other patients but we believe it will not take long. The patients are ok, they are fine. I believe at the end of this week, more tests will be conducted” he added.

Regarding treatment, Dr. Ngamije said that at the moment Rwanda treats symptoms of the patients but there is no viral treatment approved by the World Health Organisation.



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