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Rea Vaya Bus Transit announces fare increase as of August

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Rea Vaya Bus Transit has confirmed that its scheduled six percent fare increase will be implemented in August, with various discounts being offered to regular commuters.

Rea Vaya Bus Transit confirmed on Wednesday, 15 July 2020, that its annual fare increase has been approved. In a Twitter post, the bus service stated, “The new fares of Rea Vaya were approved by the City of Johannesburg last Thursday, 9 July 2020. Passengers will start paying the new fares from Saturday, 1 August 2020.”

Rea Vaya stated that all fares will be increased by six percent, however, passengers are still able to obtain discounts between five and 12.5 percent using the bonus point system. The point system works as follows; passengers who load between R51 and R100 will receive five percent back, between R101 and 200 will receive 7.5 percent back, between R201 and R300 will received ten percent back, and between R301 and R700 will receive 12.5 percent back.

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Sayushka Naidoo
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