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Ramaphosa urges people to vote for those who have their best interests at heart

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has informed of only a week until the local elections, and urged citizens to vote for those who have their best interests at heart.

The presidency issued his weekly newsletter on Monday, 25 October 2021, in which he reminded the country that there is exactly a week to go before South Africans are to flock to the voting polls to elect their local representatives in the upcoming local government elections. President Cyril Ramaphosa noted how these elections are an opportunity for the people to make their voices heard about pressing issues affecting their daily lives. Moreover, to also hold elected representatives accountable for promises made to communities.

He further stressed that it is paramount that South Africans approach their civic duty to vote in the local government elections with the same enthusiasm as they do when voting in national and provincial elections. He also called for responsible voting, urging people to remember that those with their best interests at heart deserve their vote.

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