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Ramaphosa highlights how SA has yet to recover from colonialism and apartheid

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President Ramaphosa has delivered an address at the commemoration of the passing of former president, Samora Machel and comrades in the struggle and fight for liberation and freedom.

On Tuesday, 19 October 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered an address on the occasion of the thirty-fifth commemoration of the Mbuzini tragedy in Mpumalanga, which saw former president, Samora Machel and 34 of his compatriots killed in a mysterious plane crash. Ramaphosa stated that the commemoration of the death of former president Machel and his comrades played a huge role in keeping the memory alive of all those who had selflessly laid down their lives for the liberation of the people of Southern Africa.

Moreover, that South Africans will never forget the contributions of Machel and the people of Mozambique in ensuring freedom reigns in South Africa. He also made note of the fact that it is known that the struggle to which Samora Machel dedicated his life is not over, pointing out that the people of Southern Africa are yet to recover from colonialism and apartheid.

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