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Ramaphosa assures WC farmers that land reformation will be done legally

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has assured white farmers in the Western Cape that land reformation will be done within the parameters of the law.

During his visit to the Western Cape on Tuesday, 9 April 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed white farmers and business people on the issue of land reform at the Beyerskloof wine farms in Stellenbosch.

“I can assure you that the land reform process is something we should never fear. It is to be done in accordance with the rule of law and the Constitution,” Ramaphosa said. “It is not going to be land grabs where land is grabbed outside of the parameters of law.”

Ramaphosa reassured the farm owners and business people that the Constitution afforded everyone a security of tenure. He also urged the farmers not to view themselves and encouraged a spirit of working together for the betterment of all.

“Everyone must have a sense that this Constitution works for them. It talks about the past and future. We need to recognise injustices that happened in the past and be convinced there were horrible injustices.

“We need to work together to find solutions and that we are not being isolationists or exclusionists.

“We’ve got to be part of the solution, we’ve got to be part of change. We’ve got to be working together. That also means we must embrace change,” he said.

However, the president did not just offer support and a reassuring word to the white farmers, but also bemoaned the evictions of black farmworkers in the Western Cape.

“We face a serious challenge of evictions where farmworkers are evicted from farms.

“We must address some of the sensitive issues – evictions and where the people have no land. We want consensual solutions. I say: everyone, join me in making South Africa a great country,” he said.

The address ended with farmers singing the president’s praises and went as far as calling him their anointed leader.

“The Bible says presidents and kings are appointed by the Lord. Mr President, you’re also anointed. David in the Bible was first anointed and then he was appointed, then he wrote the psalms. Mr President, I know that you’re going to write a lot of psalms for South Africa and it’s going to be a lot of excellent psalms,” said Beyerskloof owner and programme director Beyers Truter, who later declared that he would be voting for the African National Congress (ANC) in the upcoming 8 May elections.

Abenathi Gqomo
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