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“Racism is barbaric and must disappear” – Floyd Shivambu

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Racism against blacks is barbaric and should be eliminated from all societies around the world, one of South Africa’s opposition leaders said on Wednesday, 19 August 2020.

The Discipline Officer within the Party of Fighters for Economic Freedom (EFF, parliamentary opposition), Floyd Shivambu, spoke on the subject during a virtual debate at the National Assembly on solidarity with the Black Lives movement Matter in Cape Town.

The theme of the debate was: “Strengthening the commitment of all South Africans to confront and overcome individual and institutionalised racism in our society and wherever it exists”.

“Racism is what has led to slavery, colonialism, the continued invasion of our lands and the continued theft of African resources,” Shivambu continued.

He added that racism “is the ongoing police brutality against blacks in many parts of the world.”

“Racism is when a pandemic starts in China among its own people, but the blame is blamed on blacks, they are attacked and assaulted for bringing Covid-19 to their communities,” the political leader said.

Shivambu also compared racism to “an ideology and the underlying principle of capitalism”.

Besides the Black Lives Matter movement, the debate has also been enriched by black cricketers in this country who have recently complained in the press about being isolated and ignored by their white teammates during outings on the pitch.

For his part, South Africa’s Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development Ronald Lamola said the nation must address the class and race issues that continue to haunt the country today.

“When we talk about BlackLivesMatter, we have to understand that it is part of our historical legacy. We live in a world where colonialism, the legacy of racist capitalism and its pervasive racial inequality, still persists, ”concluded Lamola.


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