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Pule Mabe: In Quotes

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On Tuesday, 6 February the African National Congress announced it appointed Pule Mabe as the party’s national spokesperson.

Pule Mabe has had a rocky start, assuming the role at perhaps the most challenging time for the party, as it seeks to determine President Jacob Zuma’s future and simultaneously nurse the feelings and sensitivities of two rival camps and views in the ANC – whose daily functioning is reliant on bargaining and at times wavering commitment to party unity.

Below are a few quotes capturing ANC’s national spokesperson’s first week in the position, as well as his best-known quotes before he assumed the National Spokesperson role.

Pule Mabe’s first week as the ANC National Spokesperson:

“I do not know what kind of barometer are we using to measure indecisiveness.” – Pule Mabe

“We do have a meeting tomorrow, we are unable to speak about the agenda at this stage.” – Pule Mabe

“The other critical question we must ask is how did the South African Broadcasting Corporation, fully aware of the communications machinery of the ANC, go and entertain a middle ground organisation or individuals purporting to be speaking on our behalf without any mandate?” – Pule Mabe

“We are bringing things forward, so that we could be able to make sure that the leadership of the ANC takes a bite on the matter and communicates their own decision much quicker.” – Pule Mabe

More noteworthy quotes before becoming the ANC’s National Spokesperson:

“Everything the DA does is guided by opportunism and desperation for fame. It is frivolous motion of no confidence … [tantamount] to a coup d’état.” – Pule Mabe, Business Day, 8 August 2017

“Our movement, the ANC, has led the charge in liberating the people of South Africa and leading the rest of society to a right path… This motion is nothing else but a test of character.” – Pule Mabe, National Public Radio, 8 August 2017

“The president’s role is both ceremonial and administrative, making the position of president, the most significant one, politically, in our country. The removal of the president has the potential to jeopardize the well-being of the South African nation.” – Pule Mabe, CCTV, 6 April 2016

“Malema’s is a backyard revolution … he is a surrogate, a known demagogue.” – Pule Mabe, Mail and Guardian, 23 February 2014

“How can it be, because I didn’t run the youth league alone. How can one person be responsible for a R21m debt?” – Pule Mabe, IOL, 10 June 2013

“The press must cease and desist from using my name to try create divisions within the ANC Youth League.” – Pule Mabe, Mail and Guardian, 5 March 2012

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