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Public Protector successfully intervenes in municipal overcharging dispute

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The Public Protector has successfully intervened in a matter between Tshwane’s Metropolitan Municipality and a Gauteng man who had been overcharged by over R30 000 by the municipality.

On Wednesday, 4 August 2021, the Public Protector informed that it has assisted a Gauteng man who had accumulated a municipal account bill of R43 000 over 14 years, after being overcharged for refuse removal. The Public Protector confirmed that the amount owed would now be credited to the man and put towards his household’s monthly consumption until it ran out.

According to the Public Protector, the man had approached it in November 2020, alleging that the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality had supplied him with an 85-litre bin, but had been charging him for a bin twice the capacity, which resulted in an overpayment of about R17 300 per month over 170 months. The man is said to have brought the matter forward to the city for attention, but his complaints allegedly fell on deaf ears.

The Public Protector confirmed that after querying with the city, it conceded that it was at fault. Officials indicated that they had adjusted the charges from 2006 to 2021, with an amount of more than R30 000 being credited to the man’s account. The Public Protector confirmed that its interventions in the matter were a success.

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