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Public health team in Eastern Cameroon issue a monkeypox alert

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The public health team of the Eastern Cameroon region has launched an alert in all districts of the area, following a fatality from monkeypox, which occurred in the locality of Ayos located about a hundred kilometres from the capital, Yaoundé.

Without indicating whether other cases had been reported, the service alerted the various health facilities and community health workers to the danger of the monkeypox virus, to which children are most vulnerable.

The disease is transmitted to humans through direct or indirect contact with animals, manifesting itself in fever, generalized pustular skin rashes and breathing difficulties.

The last monkeypox alert in Cameroon dates back to May 2018 in the English-speaking northwest and southwest regions where the epidemiological surveillance system had recorded cases of human contamination with the viral disease, which is considered highly contagious.