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Productivity SA details Business Turnaround and Recovery Programme

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Productivity SA has published information on its Business Turnaround and Recovery Programme, aimed at successfully solving business challenges and reviving distressed organisations into functional, profitable enterprises.

On Wednesday, 15 September 2021, Productivity South Africa published a piece on its Business Turnaround and Recovery Programme, and how it can be used to effectively solve various business challenges. The organisation detailed how it used only trusted methods to analyse distressed organisations and take the practical steps to revive and restore them.

Productivity SA noted that since its inception, the programme has successfully managed to save 145 495 jobs and helped create more than 670 new positions. As a division of the organisation, the programme is funded by the Department of Labour’s Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

The programme’s services are available to all companies across the country from the Productivity SA bases in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. In an effort to reach as many organisations as possible, Productivity SA works with a vast network of independent consultants all over South Africa.

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What is the purpose of the Business Turnaround and Recovery Programme?

The purpose of the programme is to increase overall productivity and improve organisational structures, to ensure that jobs are saved and retained. If retrenchment is inevitable, the programme facilitates the process to reduce the effects on organisations and economy.

What is the programme’s mandate?

The Business Turnaround and Recovery Programme’s mandate is directed by the Declaration of the Presidential Jobs Summit to provide proactive solutions aimed at saving jobs through the sustainment of companies. Moreover, to actively manage retrenchments, prevent a rise in unemployment numbers, and enhance economic growth.

How does the Business Turnaround and Recovery Programme work?

Funded by the Department of Labour’s UIF, the programme sets out to identify jobs that can be saved and implements the appropriate rescue processes. The programme generally applies to companies with a minimum of 20 employees that are facing large-scale losses.

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