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Private pharmacists denounce bill on veterinary public health code – Côte d’Ivoire

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On the evening of Monday, 3 August 2020 the National Union of Private Pharmacists a bill on the veterinary public health code, believing that this bill contains provisions contrary to the pharmaceutical legislation in force in the country.

 “(…) The expressions + veterinary public health + and + veterinary public hygiene + mentioned in this bill are not correct. This draft veterinary public health code, in its books II (Veterinary pharmacy) and V (Code of ethics) provides for provisions contrary to the national pharmaceutical legislation in force ”, noted Dr Arsène Brou, the vice-president of this organisation. .

Speaking of the grievances of the UNPPCI against this bill, he added that it also includes provisions contrary to international and sub-regional regulations.

In addition, Dr Brou recalled that the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists of Côte d’Ivoire (CNOPCI) had seized the Ivorian Prime Minister since May 18 for the withdrawal of provisions contrary to pharmaceutical legislation.

“The Council requested the Prime Minister to reaffirm the exclusive competence of the pharmacist with regard to the preparation, import, export, wholesale, retail sale of drugs intended for the use of human medicine and animal,” continued Dr Brou.

“Against all expectations, we learned from the press that this bill will be put to the vote of parliamentarians without the regulatory aspects addressed by drug specialists being taken into account,” regretted the vice-president of the UNPPCI, calling on his colleagues to remain mobilised.

“You cannot be a prescriber and a dispenser at the same time because there will necessarily be a conflict of interest. We can not combine the two functions,” Dr. Moussa Kouyaté criticized.

The Ivorian government put forwards its agreement on April 22 for the presentation of a bill on the veterinary public health code to the National Assembly.


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