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President: Liberia will not be renewing state of emergency

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The Liberian government will not renew the current state of emergency in the country when it ends on Tuesday, 9 June 2020 according to President George Weah.

The Liberian leader said the country has gained enough knowledge and experience about Covid-19 to an extent that renewing the state’s measures against the free movement of people is no longer necessary.

He said Liberia should be moving forward from the earlier restrictive measures while assessment is made about the progress registered in a bid to tackle the respiratory disease.

The Liberian leader said he was passing two new regulations intended to halt the spread of the disease by ordering the public to be indoors by nine pm.

The previous time to be indoors was six pm.

Measures restricting the movement of people in Liberian counties with still no reported case of coronavirus will be lifted in due course.

Liberia has three-hundred and fifty-nine cases and thirty deaths from the virus according to updates by the Sierra Leone-based Senusi Research and Consulting firm.



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