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President Buhari affirms commitment to improving Nigeria in the new year

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President Muhammadu Buhari has assured Nigerians of renewed hope, optimism and fresh possibilities in the country. 

In his message entitled A Letter from the President at the New Year on Wednesday, 1 January 2020, Buhari called on Nigerians to see the new year as an opportunity to build on the foundations of security, diversification of economy and anti-corruption.

Buhari reminded Nigerians that security, the fight against corruption and the growth of the economy remained his pledges as president.

Saluting the millions, who voted in peace last February and those leaders who contested for office vigorously but fairly, he said that he understood the frustrations, which the system had triggered in the past.

He doused the rumours of his third tenure agenda, saying, “I will be [stepping] down in 2023 and will not be available in any future elections.” He further expressed determination to help strengthen the electoral process both in Nigeria and across the ECOWAS region.

He also said that the policies of the government were designed to promote genuine, balanced growth that delivers jobs and rewards industry.

The new Economic Advisory Council, according to him, will advise the government on a strategy that champions inclusive and balanced growth and above all, fights poverty and safeguards national economic interests.

The country was already making key infrastructure investments to enhance its ease of doing business, he said.

On transportation, he said that the government was making significant progress on key roads such as the Second Niger Bridge, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway and the Abuja – Kano highway. The new year will also see tangible progress on the Lagos to Kano Rail line.

He said that Nigeria was also looking for solutions to power problems. These included ensuring fiscal sustainability for the sector, increasing both government and private sector investments in the power transmission and distribution segments, improving payment transparency through the deployment of smart meters and ensuring regulatory actions maximise service delivery.

He also warned that Nigeria would not watch its economy being sabotaged by its neighbours.

“No one can doubt that we have been good neighbours and good citizens. We have been the helpers and shock-absorbers of the sub-region, but we cannot allow our well-planned economic regeneration plans to be sabotaged.”

“As soon as we are satisfied that the safeguards are adequate, normal cross-border movements will be resumed,” he said.



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