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PowerBall Results, Payouts: Tuesday, 10 May 2022

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The latest Powerball results of the Ithuba National Lottery in South Africa on Tuesday, 10 May 2022 showed some winning combinations and produced zero jackpot winners.

Powerball results

The winning numbers for the PowerBall draw on Tuesday, 10 May 2022, were:

22, 38, 42, 48, 49 Powerball: 16

PowerBall payouts

Similar to last Tuesday’s draw, the PowerBall on 10 May 2022 produced zero jackpot winners in division one (five correct numbers + PowerBall).

There were zero winners in division two (five correct numbers).

Division three (four correct numbers and the PowerBall) saw a few more winners – a total of 31 people each received prize money of R30,842.00 for their efforts.

Meanwhile, at the bottom end of the winnings table, some 168199 winners were recorded for division nine (those who were able to match just the PowerBall), and they won R10.00 each.

Other payouts for the PowerBall draw on 10 May 2022 were as follows:

Division 4 (4 correct numbers) R1,120.60 (557 recorded winners)
Division 5 (3 correct numbers + PowerBall) R558.40 (1264 recorded winners)
Division 6 (3 correct numbers) R24.70 (23724 recorded winners)
Division 7 (2 correct numbers + PowerBall) R23.80 (18536 recorded winners)
Division 8 (1 correct number + PowerBall) R15.00 (96002 recorded winners)

Next PowerBall Draw

The next PowerBall jackpot stands at an amount of R110 million, and the next draw will be held on Friday, 13 April 2022.


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