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Playing Farm Village Tiles: The catch

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Playing Farm Village Tiles: The catch

Farm Village Tiles promises huge returns for playing a simple tile-matching game, but the earnings portrayed on the platform are not always realistic.

Earning money for playing a game certainly sounds appealing, but the game’s reviews reveal that withdrawing your earnings from Farm Village Tiles is near impossible.

Playing Farm Village Tiles: The catch

A recent study by electronics hub found that South Africans have the highest screen time in the world, with the average South African spending more than half of their waking hours looking at a screen.

And, while opinions differ about whether this title is a good or a bad one – there has been a increase in online platforms recently, offering South Africans the chance to make money from all of this time spent in front of screens.

This includes Farm Village Tiles, a mobile app which promises that users can earn up to $1,000 simply for playing a tile-match game. However, it seems like this promise may be a little too good to be true.

How Farm Village Tiles works

Signing up and starting your journey on the Farm Village Tiles app is fairly easy – and so is playing the game.

Like many of the tile-matching games on the internet, Farm Village Tiles only requires that you tap to move tiles in order to match three tiles with the same symbol. That is, of course, until you progress further in the game.

The illusion of earnings

It is quite easy to get wrapped up in the momentum once you first sign up to Farm Village Tiles.

The more special tiles you match up, the quicker your in-app earnings will accumulating and the fatter your Farm Village Tiles wallet will grow.

However, while these “earnings” increase quickly, the number on the screen does not mean much until you can withdraw these earnings as real cash.

And unfortunately, the withdrawal process is where most users experience their first issues with the app.

What the reviews have to say

Farm Village Tiles is still a fairly new platform and the reviews for the game are few and far between. However, the few reviews that it does have expose a worrying pattern.

Farm Village Tiles has a 4.7 out 5-star rating on the Apple App Store, but though these reviews give the app 5-star ratings, they are not positive.

These reviews warn users that level 3 of the game (the level that you will need to pass, before you can start withdrawing your earnings) is absolutely impossible to pass.

One review which was posted in April 2024 even states ,“I have spent MORE money on this game than EARNING anything! This game wants you to fail.”