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PARI’s Nzo believes unpredictability and instability will cost political parties votes

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PARI’s senior researcher, Thina Nzo believes low voter turnout due to the instability of political parties could result in parties losing votes in the upcoming local government elections.

On Monday, 13 September 2021, the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) published a piece by senior researcher, Thina Nzo on the upcoming local government elections. Nzo believes that unpredictability and instability may cause political parties to lose votes.

Nzo touched on the issue of having elections in a politically tense and precarious time, which has been the main source of anxiety of unpredictability for political parties who, she noted, have made little effort in the last five years to ensure that city governments were run transparently. Moreover, run in a manner reflecting accountability and efficiency in delivering services.

Nzo also noted a low voter turnout as one of the factors which may contribute to party vote losses, as she attributed this to declining voter confidence in political parties which helps predict potential outcomes. She also believes that political parties keep missing the boat in exploring alternative campaign platforms.

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