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PAC: The Role That We Have Played As A Liberation Movement In Africa, Speaks For Itself

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Below is an interview Political Analysis South Africa’s Stephanie Naidoo had with Secretary General of the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC),  Mr Narius Moloto, on the status of PAC in the build-up to the 2019 Elections.

Interviewer: Where is the PAC? What is the status of the party, and what are its current priorities?

Narius Moloto: The PAC is here, it is up and running, we are rebuilding ourselves as a party. We have gone through some turbulence for some time, and it came about when we have tried to rebuild ourselves, and re-polish ourselves, refocus ourselves. We have now really established ourselves in quite key areas of the country, we have built the structures. We are increasing our work with our communities, and the masses of our people. That is where we are. We are focusing, not only on the election; but, we are focusing more on working with our people and consolidating, (and) promoting ourselves within our communities. We are also refocusing ourselves into, what kind of future we think we should be able to take ourselves to.

In the build-up to the 2019 Elections, what is the PAC’s strategy, and indeed, what does the PAC hope to be the outcome this strategy?

We are focused. We have a 2021 Strategy, and a 2024 Strategy; by that time we believe that the PAC should be in government. Now, to us, for 2019 we want to make an impact of taking between twenty to thirty percent. We are building the election infrastructure for ourselves, within the community and within all the Wards, or the VDs of the country. Where the party performed badly, was where it did not have structures. We believe that without the structures to defend, to guard, your votes, your voters – you will not be able to succeed. 

One of the great lessons that we have learned in the recent elections, is that elections are not easy to run and manage – without an infrastructure we will be unable to make an impact. We have been focusing on that, and that has what we have been doing to strengthen and build the party. We are also trying to identify some more energy, some new energy, and we are also trying to acquire the services of young people, but experienced people, who understand elections, better than us.

And, why should South Africans vote for the PAC?

South African should vote for the PAC because, PAC is one Liberation Movement that has been very consistent in its policy; in its outlook. We value the needs of our people, we value development of our people, we think we can contribute to the better future of this country, we can consolidate with South Africa as a nation, and begin to emerge among the nations and take leadership of Africa, and of the sub-continent, in a big way. The role that we have played as a Liberation Movement in Africa speaks for itself.

Would you like to add anything on behalf of the PAC, or yourself?

I would say that, the people of South Africa should give PAC a chance. It has been there hanging, it has gone though its own challenges. We believe that we have come to the end of those challenges. Let them give us, and trust us with, their votes. And, let them see the best of us, and let them see the material changes that will begin to happen for themselves, and for the country.


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