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PAC divisions far from over as party holds two competing elective conferences

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The divisions at the PAC are still ongoing as the party has been split into two factions who are independently hosting the elective conference on separate occasions.

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) is facing internal division amid preparations for the elective congress ordered by the North Gauteng High Court, which sat in Pretoria on  Friday, 8 March 2019. The PAC has been riddled by internal squabbles since the apartheid era to date.

The PAC was unlikely to contest for the 2019 elections if it were not for the intervention of the court to coerce the two factions into uniting for the sake of the elections, under the leadership of Narius Moloto as its president and Apa Pooe as the Secretary-General. The party has been experiencing poor results in all the elections since 1994. The PAC received 0.73 percent in 2004, they decreased to 0.27 percent in 2009 and further down to 0.21 percent in 2014 and 0.19 percent in 2019.

Narius Moloto wrote a letter to PAC structures effecting a 14.2 clause which immediately suspends the constitution and entrust all powers to the appointed administrator as the organisation has been placed under administration.

Phillip Dhlamini was appointed as the administrator while Bennet Joko and Apa Pooe were named as his assistants. Pooe was elected as the Secretary-General in late 2018 in Kimberly, where Mzwanele Nyhontso was elected as the president of another faction. Joko was elected as the Secretary-General of Moloto’s faction, which hosted a congress in Mpumalanga in 2017. The 14.2 clause applied by Moloto dissolves all the committees in place, from the National Executive Committee (NEC) all the way down to the Branch Executive Committees (BECs). The suspension of the constitution bestows the administrator with absolute powers to prepare and convene the congress, which is set to take place before the end of August 2019, per the court order’s instruction. The PAC has one seat in parliament occupied by Mzwanele Nyhontso.

PAC Secretary-General Apa Pooe dismissed Moloto’s letter by saying that the decree effected by Moloto was unconstitutional.

“Despite my letter dated 9 June 2019, you continue to hold a view that your invocation of clause 14.2 if the constitution is enforced, when you were duly informed that the matter would be discussed at a next NEC meeting as scheduled. We have instructed firm attorneys to write to you to the effect that your actions are both illegal and in contempt of court order” said Pooe in a letter.

Pooe had announced that the NEC would sit after the funeral of Robert Sobukwe’s son, Dinilesizwe Sobukwe,

The two warring factions have two venues for the elective conference which was ordered by the court to take place before the end of August. Moloto’s faction will have their conference in Limpopo (Marble Hall) while Nyhontso’s camp vows to be in Bloemfontein.

Kenneth Mokgatlhe
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