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NUMSA Toyota workers to down tools over transformation, disciplinary processes, bonuses and loans

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The union said it would not be backing down until its demands are met.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) has announced that its members at car manufacturer Toyota have gone on strike.

The union is accusing the employer of refusing to engage them on their demands.

NUMSA is demanding the establishment of a Transformation Committee which will oversee and participate in the recruitment and procurement process. It says it needs to oversee the process as the company is failing to meet transformation targets.

The union has further questioned the disciplinary process at the car manufacturer and is demanding that the independence of the chairperson of disciplinary hearings be withheld.

“Whenever there is a disciplinary process, the chairperson is forced to consult the IR manager, before he/she can issue his findings. We reject this practice. The management of Toyota are tampering with the disciplinary process in order to manipulate the outcome”, said NUMSA Spokesperson Phakamile Hlubi.

“As unions we are not even allowed to participate in that consultation process, and as a result the outcome is manipulated in favour of management. We demand that the chairperson must be allowed to fulfil his/her duties without any interference from any external party”

Last year, some Toyota workers in KwaZulu-Natal received loans after their homes were destroyed by the floods in the province. NUMSA now wants the loans to be converted to donations.

Other demands include a change in how bonuses are awarded and says targets must now be divided equally as well as free medical consultation for all workers.

Thabo Baloyi
[email protected]