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NUM Highveld Region: Eskom suffering from post-1994 hangover

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The National Union of Mineworkers has “strongly condemned” what they claim is a “purging” of “African Managers in various power stations.”

The NUM Highveld Region has not taken lightly to what they claim is a reversal of transformation within Eskom by what they have termed “A Reserve of Apartheid Clique” in a press release dated Tuesday, 11 December 2018.

The organisation has accused Jan Oberholzer, who was appointed as Eskom’s new Chief Operating Officer earlier this year, of removing African managers only to replace them with Caucasians, stating that this “behaviour” is back-pedalling the transformation process that the Union has fought for.

The Trade Union subsequently warned Oberholzer to “desist” from this removal of African managers, suggesting that he relocate to “Australia or Netherlands” if he is unable to work with Africans.

The organisation also pointed out the current continuation of load shedding as ostensibly apparent evidence that the new Chief Operating Officer has failed at his position.

The NUM claimed that this “Reserve of Apartheid Clique” is suffering from a post-1994 “hangover”, by still subscribing to a mindset which does not allow black individuals to freely participate in “the economic activities of the country.”

The National Union’s Regional Secretary, Tshilidzi Mathavh, commented that “it is an open secret that, historically, Eskom was run from racist policies and the promulgation of innumerable pieces of draconian legislations. The job reservation policy was put in place to cushion white people from the negative effects of a rampant trio of poverty, inequality and high levels of unemployment,” she said.

“The NUM is not going to fold its arms when a few white managers are wittingly undermining the gains of democracy that was achieved in 1994,” the organisation finally warned, stating that it will “mobilize” its “members and respond accordingly,” if this action continues.

Dayna Remus
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