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Nobody has provided to me what I have done wrong, says Zuma

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“My problem is that nobody has provided to me what I have done wrong… There is nothing I have done wrong.” This is the view of beleaguered South African president, Jacob Zuma. Speaking to the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on Wednesday, 14 February, Zuma questioned the “rush” to see him vacate office, labelling it “a new phenomenon.”

Zuma says he disagrees with the ANC NEC decision to recall him from “his deployment” to the office of the President, and says he does not think that the decision is fair.

“I have spent a bit of time in the ANC, at no stage have I ever said to the leadership you decision is not right, this is the first time I feel a decision is not right, and I disagree with it.”

Zuma explained that he told the top six of the ANC that he disagrees with the decision to recall him from office, and that if the ANC wants to “recall, then you [the ANC] must recall… you are suggesting therefore I should not cooperate in the decision you are taking, because you have, in my view, no reasons to convince me why you took this decision.”

“I think it important for me to say this, because out there in the narrative it looks like Zuma is defying. I have not defied, I have disagreed with a decision taken. I disagree with it. I think it is baseless. I think there is no motivation that says to me it is fine. Because in the ANC you need to be convinced with facts,” lamented Zuma”

Zuma believes that his ouster is being done in a manner where he feels he is being “victimised,” a development which he says leaves him feeling that “there is something wrong here,” and reiterated that he fails to understand why there is “such a rush” to remove him from office.


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