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No results appeal from Senegalese opposition despite rejection

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The four opposition candidates in the Senegalese presidential elections, through the voice of Idrissa Seck, rejected the provisional results of the election.

The results, which confirmed victory of Macky Sall in the first round, were rejectd by the opposition, stressing however that they would “make no appeal” to the Constitutional Council, even though the Electoral Code gives them this right.

According to the candidate of the “Idy 2019” coalition, who was addressing the press on Thursday, 28 February 2019, he and the other candidates (Ousmane Sonko, Madické Niang and Elhadj Issa Sall) refrain from contesting what they consider to be “an order” from President Macky Sall.

From there, Idrissa Seck hammered, the four opposition candidates let their opponent “assume in the face of history and before the Senegalese people the consequences” of his act of “confiscating the will” of his compatriots

Seck ended her statement by expressing, on behalf of her opposition colleagues, her “gratitude” and “congratulations to the Senegalese people who have massively expressed their desire for change in maturity, calm and peace.”

According to provisional results published by the National Vote Counting Commission, Macky Sall was re-elected in the first round with 58.27 percent of the votes, followed by Idrissa Seck 20.50 percent of the votes, Elhadj Issa Sall 4.07 percent and Madické Niang 1.48 percent of the ballot.

The Constitutional Council will proceed to the final proclamation of these results, after a period of 72 hours devoted to the reception and examination of any appeals.


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