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Newlands Spring a natural source of water; it should be shared – SAB

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Newlands Spring a natural source of water; it should be shared - SAB

South African Breweries (SAB) will distribute 12 million litres of water and share Newlands Spring water with the community, in the event of ‘Day Zero’.

In a statement released on Tuesday, 20 March, South African Breweries (SAB) stressed its commitment to making sure that in the event of a total shutdown of municipal water services, the brewery can contribute to giving residents of Cape Town an “alternative source for this life-giving liquid.”

Through various water saving measures and water supply augmentation, Cape Town residents have significantly reduced their daily water consumption, resulting in ‘Day Zero’ being pushed out to beyond 2018. The situation however remains severe, particularly if there will be no winter rainfall.

SAB said that in the event of ‘Day Zero’, it “will use its own resources and financial investment to bottle and distribute about 12 million litres of water in returnable glass quart bottles to Cape Town residents.”

The 12 million bottles of water will be distributed freely, promises SAB, adding that those bottles “are not intended for resale. The free water will be clearly labelled as spring water to distinguish it from other beer bottles.”

SAB reiterated that the ”Newlands Spring is a natural source of water it should be made available to and shared with the community.”

In the statement, the company also made assurances that the spring is open 24 hours for free access to the public.