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Ndlozi and Shivambu share their views on “white liberals” as allies

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The EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and Floyd Shivambu have shown that not every response the party has is consensual, following their polarised responses to an alleged white liberal.

The Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) Mbuyiseni Ndlozi and Floyd Shivambu took to Twitter on Thursday, 27 May 2021, to share their polarised responses to an alleged white liberal. The post questioned why the EFF has not encouraged its members to protest the supposedly racially discriminatory policies by First National Bank (FNB) and WesBank. The post went on to suggest that despite their manifesto, the leaders of the EFF are also capitalists driven by money.

Shivambu was diplomatic in his response, writing, “We have on several occasions confronted the banks and even asked you to collaborate with us to fight these predatory financial institutions and you still haven’t responded. Let’s take them on!”

Ndlozi, on the other hand, was less diplomatic in his response. First, he made it clear that he will not be dictated to by a “white liberalist.” Moreover, he suggested that the comment was racially charged, especially coming from a white man supposedly speaking down on the actions of a black-run political party.

See the post below.

Sabelo Makhubo


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