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Namibia reports backlog of approximately 300 000 housing units

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The Namibian government requires at least N$76 billion to clear the backlog for urban housing units, according to Deputy Urban and Rural Development Minister, Derek Klazen.

Speaking during an online public dialogue on informal settlements on Thursday, 10 September 2020, Deputy Urban and Rural Development Minister, Derek Klazen said about N$36 billion is required for acquiring the land, while another N$40 billion would be needed for servicing the land.

“With an estimated backlog of 300 000 housing units, government will require around N$36 billion for acquiring the land, and a further N$40 billion for servicing the land,” the deputy minister said.

He noted that clearing the accommodation backlog is proving to be a serious challenge for the country, with just over 10 percent of the required housing units having been delivered so far by the government.

“It is very important to mention that the government has, so far, delivered a total of 34 952 housing units, but we have to immediately recognise that this number is not enough to reduce the current housing backlog in the country,” Klazen said.

The bulk of the required housing units are in the major cities and towns, such as the capital city, Windhoek, which have experienced an influx of people seeking jobs and other better economic opportunities. This has resulted in the proliferation of slums around most of the major cities and towns.

An estimated 400 000 Namibians, which equates to approximately 40 percent of the population, live in more than 100 informal settlements dotted across the country.



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