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Mr Nigeria contends for Mr World and urges Nigerians to vote

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Mr Nigeria, Nelson Enwerem, 24, who is a model and fashion designer, has appealed to Nigerians to increase their votes for him at the ongoing 2019 Mr World contest.

In his Facebook and Mobstar posts, Pure Physics graduate, Enwerem, promised to win the contest, should he receive more support from his patriots.

“From 6 to 23 August, I will be representing our beloved country, Nigeria at the 2019 Mr World contest, and I promise to do my best to win the competition.

“But I need the help of each and every one of you, my friends, fans, well-wishers, fellow Nigerians. Please, follow the instructions to vote for me,” he urged.

The graduate of the University of Calabar, whose vision is to eradicate poverty and hunger, said: “Vote for Nigeria and let’s make history together.”

“With my game face on, my talent and physical built, I believe I can make my country proud; all I need is the support of my people.

“Head on now, download the MobStar app, create an account and log on, search for ‘mrworldnigeria’, follow my page and like all my posts, each like is a vote.

“On Facebook, follow my page, like and comment on Nelson’s posts, I’m pleading with everyone, we can make history together,” he said.

Enwerem added that Facebook and Mobstar were the only official voting platforms allowed for posts and comments at the ongoing competition

“You can do this every day, just keep liking and commenting on all my posts, don’t forget to follow me on the app, so it will be easier, we have the number, so can have the win,” he said.

“I posted some pictures on my Facebook page and in less than 24 hours I’ve had 802 likes on it, meaning more than 900 people have seen it and 800 have liked it.

Mr. Nigeria, however, appealed to all to download the MobStar app and get voting.

“I’m very far behind on votes. I need your help, guys, go on and vote for me, Mr Nigeria 2018, Nelson Enwerem Mr World contestants 2019 in Manila, Philippines.

“I’ve attached a video to explain how the voting works and [votes can be cast] every day. You don’t have to spend a dime, just download the app and like my posts every day,” he said.

Enwerem is one of the 13 young men representing Africa at the ongoing Mr World competition in Philippines.

The competing countries include Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Ethiopia, Guinea Bisau, Kenya, Mauritius, Sierra Leon, South Africa, South Sudan and Nigeria.

The tenth edition of Mr World 2019, which started on 6 August 2019, is scheduled to end on 23 August 2019, in Manila, Philippines.

The current champion, Rohit Khanddelwal, from India, is expected to hand over the crown to his successor at the end of the event.


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