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Mozambique’s AT seizes 18 866 tons of sugar and other contraband at border

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Mozambique’s Revenue Authority (AT) has announced the seizure of smuggled goods, especially sugar, at Zobue Cuchamano which borders Zambia and in the districts of Changara and Moatize at the border with Malawi.

The AT provincial delegate in Tete, Âmido Abdala said all the goods seized includes seven cars, cell phones, 18,866 tons of sugar, three bales of used clothing, 16 packs of sodas and 67 tyres, among other products.

“We also seized various quantities of chemicals. Much of the merchandise was confiscated on the border of Cuchamano,” the official told a media briefing in Tete on Monday, 28 January 2019.

According to the official, most people resort to clandestine cross-border activities largely because they cannot afford the financial obligations for travel documents, visa fees, border taxes, work permits, as well as import and trade licenses.

“We are stepping up surveillance at our borders. We do this also in coordination with the forces of other countries with which we monitor the borders of namely Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia,” he said.

In Tete, the main borders are of Cuchamano, in the District of Changara; Zobue in Moatize; Cassacatiza in Chifunde district, which straddles the border with Zambia; Calomue, in the District of Angonia, this limits itself also with Malawi.

“The illegal trade in contraband goods is the single biggest threat to the sustainability of a legitimate industry,” Abdala said.

The official added that the border fence continues to be trampled, cut and burrowed beneath by smugglers, poachers and migrants illegally moving across the border.


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