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Mozambican Fisheries Minister wants $80 million to purchase surveillance vessels

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Mozambique loses $60 million every year due to illicit fishing in its waters, which makes a heavy dent in annual revenue, the Minister of the Sea, and Inland Fisheries, Agostinho Mondlane, has said.

“It is a serious problem affecting the fishing industry; Mozambique loses $60 million per year due to illegal fishing, but a plan has been drawn up to deal with the problem,” Mondlane told the official opening of the fourth coordinating council of the sector in Maputo.

He said the government wants $80 million from international partners to fund a crackdown on illicit fishing in its waters.

“We want $80 million to purchase surveillance vessels to monitor the country’s 2,500 km coastline and curb illegal fishing. “

Fishing contributes about 4 percent to Mozambique’s’ gross domestic product.




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