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Morocco to launch Mohammed VI-B Satellite

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Morocco will on November 21 launch the Mohammed VI-B earth observation satellite from the Kourou Space Centre launchsteo in French Guiana, the Ariane Space Group announced on Tuesday, 13 November 2018.

A part of the space programme decided by King Mohammed VI, it is a civilian satellite piloted from Morocco and equipped with very high technological definition and capable of taking images in less than 24 hours with a resolution of up to 70 cm.

Designed for civil use, the Mohammed Vl-B satellite will be launched a little over a year after the launch of the Mohammed VI-A satellite on November 8, 2017.

It will be used for mapping and cadastral activities, land use planning, monitoring of agricultural activities, prevention and management of natural disasters and monitoring of environmental trends and desertification.

Weighing about 1110 kilogrammes, the satellite was designed by the Franco-Italian consortium Thales Alenia Space acting as an agent and the French Airbus Defence and  Space agency.

Launched by a rocket from the Italian specialist Vega, it will also allow better observation of the territory, in terms of environmental monitoring, forest fire control and anticipation, forest resource management and water exploration, urban expansion, and the development of road and rail routes.

This new monitoring tool will be placed in the same orbit as the first device, nearly 700 kilometers above the Earth.

The Mohammed VI – A and B satellites will be complementary and will provide faster coverage of areas of interest.


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