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Moroccan monarch stresses overcoming obstacles to achieve economic growth

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Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has stressed the need to overcome obstacles in order to achieve high and sustainable economic growth that generates social prosperity.

“Regardless of the debate on figures and growth rates, it is important to overcome the obstacles to achieving high and sustainable economic growth that will generate social prosperity,” the Sovereign stressed in a speech delivered on Tuesday, 20 August 2019, on the occasion of the sixty-sixth anniversary of the King and People’s Revolution.

In this respect, he highlighted the role of the middle class as a real lever of production and a vector of cohesion and stability within society.

“Like a building, society forms a coherent whole, which foundation is the middle class, the rest of the structure being composed of the other social strata,” he noted, adding that Morocco “has begun, in recent years, to build a middle class that now constitutes a real lever of production and a vector of cohesion and stability.

“In view of the centrality of the middle class in the social body, its foundations and resources must be preserved, by creating the conditions favourable to its consolidation and expansion, by opening up prospects for promotion from and to it,” the king insisted.

“These challenges, he went on, will only be met by raising the growth rate to higher levels, generating more wealth, ensuring an equitable redistribution of the fruits of development.”



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