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Mmusi Maimane on Zimbabwe: We cannot ignore their oppression

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Mmusi Maimane took to Twitter to alert South Africans of the political developments in Zimbabwean, further suggesting that the outcomes will impact South Africa as well.

One South African Movement (OSA) leader, Mmusi Maimane took to Twitter on Sunday, 4 October 2020, to warn South Africans against feigning ignorance towards Zimbabwe’s political landscape. The former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader posted the voters poll count, suggesting that the results that placed ZANU-PF as the ruling party must be questioned.

Maimane’s interactions with followers that were willing to engage with his sentiments suggested that the relationship between South Africa’s ruling party and ZANU-PF could be the reason that ZANU-PF is still in power.

In his words, he claimed, “In case you have not noticed, South Africa is subsidizing the failures of the ZANU-PF military regime. The problems of Zimbabwe directly affect South Africa in every way. We need to be very focused on the behaviour of the military regime.” He went on to highlight the link between the two countries, stating, in part, “Our freedom is linked to the freedom of others in Africa. We cannot ignore their oppression.”

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