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Minnie Dlamini Jones experiences zero gravity in Paris

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Minnie Dlamini Jones experiences zero gravity in Paris

Minnie Dlamini Jones drank G.H. MUMM champagne with Usain Bolt in a Zero-G gravity plane on Wednesday.

Minnie Dlamini Jones took the trip of a lifetime to Reims, France on Wednesday, 12 September 2018. The seasoned sports broadcaster partnered with champagne brand G.H. MUMM South Africa to experience the sensation of drinking champagne at zero gravity.

Dlamini Jones jetted out of the French champagne city of Reims on Wednesday, in a specially-equipped Airbus Zero-G plane operated by the European Space Agency, to enjoy several 20-second spurts of weightlessness and sip the champagne at zero gravity.

During the flight, Dlamini Jones shared a series of social media updates. She wrote, “I’m about to drink @ghmumm_sa Champagne in zero gravity 🚀 #NextVictory 💎 #MasterOfCelebrations 🥂”, shortly before the aircraft took off. She then shared a video clip of herself experiencing zero gravity. The video shows the actress bouncing around the aircraft and later the pinnacle moment of popping the champagne bottle top. “The only way to celebrate life is to drink @ghmumm in Zero Gravity 🚀 @ghmumm_sa #NextVictory 💎 This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done 🤣🙏🏾,” she wrote of the experience.

Jamaican sports-star Usain Bolt was also invited on board for the zero-gravity experience. After meeting Bolt, Dlamini Jones sent out a gushing post. She wrote, “They say never meet your heroes… in this case that statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. @usainbolt A true gentleman. Did I mention we drank champagne in zero gravity? 🥂🚀@ghmumm_sa #NextVictory #DareWinCelebrate #MasterOfCelebrations #CEO #BrandAmbassadors.”

However, drinking champagne in zero-gravity is no easy feat. A special bottle had to be designed for the occasion to prevent the foam from exploding all over the cabin. Furthermore, passengers on the aircraft must scoop up the champagne with small, long-stemmed glasses while floating around themselves. Dlamini Jones admitted in her video clip that she accidentally got champagne in her eye.