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Minibus taxi and bakkie collision leaves 29 injured in KwaZulu-Natal

Minibus taxi and bakkie collision leave 29 injured in KwaZulu-Natal

Twenty-nine people were injured, including several children, after a minibus taxi and bakkie collided on the R103 in Lions River in KwaZulu-Natal on Tuesday morning, 13 March.

On Tuesday morning, 13 March, a minibus taxi and a bakkie [van] collided on the R103 in Lions River.

According to Netcare911, twenty-nine people, including several children were left injured after the accident. Paramedics and other emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene of the incident.

The minibus taxi had been transporting children to school, believed to be aged between 10 and 13, while the bakkie had several adults in the back when the two vehicles crashed.

According to Russel Meiring, from ER24, “paramedics assessed the patients and found that they sustained moderate injuries. Fortunately, no serious injuries or fatalities were found on the scene.”

The patients were treated for their injuries and transported to nearby hospitals for further medical treatment.

The accident will be further investigated by the local authorities who were present at the scene.

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