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Mavuso disappointed as SA remains on UK red list

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BLSA’s Mavuso has expressed her disappointment at the UK’s announcement that South Africa remains on its red list, which is detrimental to the countries’ economic ties.

On Monday, 20 September 2021, Business Leadership South Africa’s (BLSA) CEO, Busi Mavuso issued her weekly newsletter. Mavuso detailed her disappointment at the announcement by the United Kingdom (UK) authorities on Friday, 17 September 2021, that South Africa would remain on its COVID-19 red list.

Mavuso expressed that this is a bad decision for the countries’ economic ties, as the relationship between Britain and South Africa is an important economic corridor. Britain reportedly exported R62 billion to South Africa in the year ended March, while it imported R90 billion.

She further detailed how the UK is South Africa’s second-largest partner and for the UK, South Africa is the largest trading partner in Africa. The BLSA CEO also reiterated her written letter to the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, urging for the reassessment of restrictions on southern African trade.

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What does Mavuso suggest the UK do to re-access red list considerations?

Mavuso noted that the review of the red list happens every three weeks, and believes that the UK needs to take a balanced approach in future considerations, with more clarity on scientific basis for the risks categorisation for SA.

What have been the implications of the red listing of South Africa?

Mavuso highlighted how people with close cultural and family ties in the UK have been unable to see each other for over 18 months due to travel restrictions, further exacerbated by reports of poor treatment of travellers.

How has the UK’s decision affected tourism?

According to Mavuso, before the pandemic, 440 000 UK travellers visited SA, spending R10 billion during their visits and accounting for a key part of the tourism industry by directly employing 657 000 people. This decision by the UK negatively affects development in SA significantly.

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