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Mavuso believes fiscal and other economic reforms will stimulate economy again

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BLSA’s Mavuso believes that fiscal reforms and other economic measures will help boost economic recovery if implemented successfully, and that re-established credibility of resource management will revive business confidence again.

Business Leadership South Africa’s CEO, Busi Mavuso believes that fiscal reform alone will not stimulate the economy, but needs to be combined with other economic reforms already agreed upon by social partners. This was expressed in a piece shared on Friday, 1 October 2021.

Mavuso noted that fiscal reform could not be avoided as it is now essential for economic recovery and the future of children. The CEO also emphasised that while she hopes that Treasury would stimulate economic recovery efforts, the state needs to still be cautious of any slippage towards a place where debt could climb higher than the GDP.

Mavuso further believes that in the short term, positive fiscal measures will help boost confidence, while in the longer term, they will turn the country away from the deep hole where debt surpasses the GDP. The BLSA leader stressed that re-establishing credibility of the management of resources to investors will revive business confidence.

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