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Mashaba defends his stance on religion and the Constitution

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Herman Mashaba has had to elaborate on his stance about the country needing to include God in the Constitution, as some suggested that he was prioritising Christianity.

Leader of Action SA, Herman Mashaba took to Twitter on Friday, 23 October 2020, to defend his tweet from Thursday, 22 October 2020, on the importance of the inclusion of God in the country’s Constitution. His initial tweet on the matter suggested that he would revisit the Constitution’s position on religion and God if Action SA were to be elected into office.

However, as users started to engage with the tweet, there were reminders to Mashaba that God has religious connotations that lean more towards Christian belief systems. Therefore, to prioritise God would mean to prioritise Christianity, thus indirectly disregarding other religious beliefs.

When addressing the backlash, Mashaba explained that he was in no way “equating God to Christianity.” He added, “Our Constitution gives all South Africans the freedom to decide what they believe.” He concluded by adding that even our national anthem means “God bless Africa.”

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Sabelo Makhubo
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