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Mashaba believes removal of ANC will address unemployment crisis

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The leader of ActionSA believes that the unemployment crisis in South Africa is to be tackled only once the ANC government is removed at national level in 2024.

Leader of ActionSA, Herman Mashaba issued a statement on Tuesday, 24 August 2021, in which he addressed the unemployment numbers released by StatsSA. According to Mashaba, these results continue to demonstrate the need for better leadership in order to save almost 12 million South Africans without jobs or hope of finding a job.

Mashaba noted how the unemployment figures are proof of the African National Congress (ANC) government’s failure to address certain drivers of unemployment in the country, such as rigid labour laws that appease the tripartite alliance partners at the expense of millions of unemployed citizens. Moreover, long-term policy uncertainty and double-speak generating decreasing levels of business confidence, the ongoing decline in functioning civil service due to cadre deployment, and the ongoing abuse of public procurement processes in the name of enriching the politically connected elite.

Mashaba further emphasised how the people of South Africa bear the brunt of the failures of the government. He believes that a clear first step to getting the country back on track is through the unseating of the ANC. He also stated that the unemployment crisis in the country is the most important intervention once the ANC government is removed.

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