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Maps Maponyane reflects on hosting the iMadiba project

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Maps Maponyane has shared his thoughts on what it means to leave a legacy following the unveiling of the iMadiba project in Sandton Square last week.

In honour of Nelson Mandela’s centenary birthday last week, the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Johannesburg unveiled the iMadiba installation project. Media personality, Maps Maponyane was the Master of Ceremonies for the event and gave a speech on Madiba’s legacy to mark the occasion. Now, Maponyane has taken to social media to thank all those involved for allowing him to host the event.

Maponyane wrote, “Thanks for making me your host of the iMadiba project @zebrasquare001 – Here’s to more meaningful work that will create conversations for change and hopefully even more actions for it too. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about legacy, it’s that it’s not really about leaving something for people, it’s about leaving something IN people. The rest will take care of itself. #BeTheLegacy #ActionAgainstPoverty.”

The iMadiba project was conceptualised and created by Stellenbosch-based photographer and artist, Erhardt Thiel. The installations are micro museums which are a recreation of Madiba’s Robben Island cell, but the walls have intentionally been broken down. The installations have been set up with the hope that they will help people to break down social barriers and build strong foundations for a better and brighter future.


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