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Malema tells xenophobic South Africans to keep their votes

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Julius Malema has told xenophobic South Africans to keep their votes while delivering the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) manifesto in Rustenburg.

On Sunday, 31 March 2019, EFF leader Julius Malema told supporters that the EFF does not want the votes of xenophobic people. He said this at the North West launch of the EFF’s election manifesto in Lethabong, Rustenburg.

“If you are not going to vote for EFF because we say you must love Africans you can keep your vote,” he said.

Malema urged supporters to form a united front and said that Africa was a ‘country’ whose borders were imposed on Africans. In his speech, Malema said that if we, as Africans, do not unite, we will continue to be exploited by conglomerates like the United States, Europe and more recently, China.

“We do not want a vote of people who are xenophobic. We do not want votes of people who suffer from self-hate. Africa is one, without the unity of Africa we will be exploited forever by Europe, by America, and now by China,” he said.

Malema was responding to the xenophobic attacks that spiked last week in Durban and saw over 100 foreign nationals driven out of their homes by neighbours. The foreign nationals sought shelter from police stations and a mosque in Durban’s community of Sydenham.

The EFF leader called for unity and urged supporters not to attack foreign nationals. “Let us love one another, let us unite as Africans, because the unity of Africans is a threat to white people. It is white people who thrive on division because their principle is divide and rule. Stop self-hate. Love Africans the way you love yourself.”

Abenathi Gqomo
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