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Makro South Africa implements price freeze on all essential items during 21-day national lockdown

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South African retailer, Makro, has implemented a price freeze on essential items, promising no price increase on the items during the 21-day national lockdown.

Price increases on essential goods, due to the increase in demand, by major retailers have been banned by President Cyril Ramaphosa, as outlined in the rules and regulations of the 21-day national lockdown. Makro South Africa has since announced a price freeze on essential goods, ensuring customers that the prices will not be increased during the lockdown.

In a tweet on Monday, 30 March 2020, Makro stated, “To help our customers through this difficult time, we have implemented a price freeze on all essential items during the 21-day lockdown.” The chain store has also limited the number of units of each item per customer, to ensure that there is sufficient stock to accommodate all customers. The price freeze and limitations apply to items such as baby formula, canned goods, bottled water, flour, rice, maze, toilet paper and nappies, amongst others.

During the lockdown period, Makro will continue to offer delivery services to the South African public. Customers are able to place orders online, abiding to the limitation rule, and can then pick up their items from the designated pick-up point or have it delivered by a driver. Makro has also stated that its drivers have been trained on how to uphold hygiene protocol whilst out on delivery.

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