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Madrid asks the Spanish to avoid Algeria and the Polisario – Sahara

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When the Polisario were preparing to organise a new congress scheduled for the end of December, Spain recommended that its citizens do not go to Algeria and the Polisario camps located in the Tindouf region (south-eastern Algeria).

Madrid, through its Foreign Ministry, justified its decision by “growing instability in neighboring northern Mali” and “increased activity by terrorist groups in the region” which could “affect security in the region “.

In a recommendation updated Wednesday, November 27 on its site, the Spanish diplomacy department recommended “extreme caution” throughout Algeria and asked the Spanish to “refrain” from going “to certain areas” which are found in the south of the country, including the Sahrawi refugee camps and the borders with Mali, Niger, Libya, Mauritania.

The Spanish ministry also advised the avoidance of any displacement which is not absolutely necessary at the Tunisian border and in the region of Kabylie (North of Algeria). They also recalled that there is a risk of kidnappings and terrorist attacks throughout the country.

Algeria is not a usual destination for Spanish tourists. But some citizens of the Iberian kingdom go there as part of humanitarian or political trips in order to rally the Polisario camps near Tindouf.


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