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Lockdown: South African Government doubles down on 50-person limit for funerals, despite public pleas

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The South African Government is ignoring public pleas for more people to be allowed to attend funerals, with the limitation remaining at 50 people.

In a social media post today, 17 April 2020, the South African Government reiterated that “The number of persons allowed to attend a funeral remains a maximum of 50.” Adding that any mourner who attends a funeral, would need to have a permit which will allow them to travel to another metropole, district or province, for no more than two days. The person responsible for the arrangements of the funeral, would be granted six-day access to the host location and a total of 50 attendees would be allowed at the funeral.

Some segments of the South African public have shared their disapproval of the regulations, with many claiming that the 50-person limit is insensitive and mentally damaging to the mourners. One member of the public, Thakhani Rapakgadi complained that, “A very close loved family member has passed away, in Limpopo and we are in Gauteng. This is a very sad and devastating time in our family and to think we might not even be able to go to the funeral, this is bad.” Others believe that the regulations are necessary as they restrict people from gathering at funerals to socialize, as compliance cannot be effectively monitored and regulated.

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Sayushka Naidoo
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