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Lockdown South Africa: EFF to contest “ridiculous” plan to gradually phase out the lockdown

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South African political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has expressed disapproval of the government’s plan to phase out the lockdown in the next 14-days.

In a statement today, 17 April 2020, the EFF announced its disapproval for the plan of phasing out the lockdown, which involves relaxing a number of regulations initially put in place. The relaxation of regulations pertains to; allowing all mines to operate at 50 percent production to avoid seismic shifts and rock fall, allowing call centres which help with insurance in the retail industry to resume work and to allow goods that are already at ports to be exported, in order to avoid congestion.

The EFF has labelled the relaxation as “ridiculous”, claiming that all the work done in the lockdown period will be lost. The political party adds that all reasoning provided for the relaxation has no scientific or factual backing, and that there is no essential need for any of these industries to resume operations.

The EFF claims that the majority of low-skilled workers who will be expected to resume work belong to the black racial group, which means that a number of them will be unaware if they are carrying the virus. The EFF also argues, “It is not a secret that majority of those tested are White people. Many black people have not been tested and as a result there is no knowledge of the nature and the spread of the pandemic in their communities.”

Sayushka Naidoo
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