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[LISTEN] Roets say Kriel’s apartheid comments have been misrepresented

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On Wednesday, 16 May 2018 Political Analysis South Africa’s Thando Maeko spoke to AfriForum’s Deputy CEO, Ernst Roets.

Roets says the declaration by his organisation’s CEO, Kallie Kriel that apartheid was not a crime against humanity has been misinterpreted.

He explains that Kriel was merely saying that compared to other historical crimes against humanity; the deaths caused by apartheid are small. Roets says the term “crime against humanity” should be applied consistently across the board.

In the end, says Roets, “The way in which he [Kallie Kriel] explained is exactly what AfriForum’s view is, but it’s being presented as if he said something else. He is not denying that apartheid has been declared a crime against humanity. The point that Kallie Kriel was making was the notion of what constitutes a crime against humanity, which is not being implemented consistently. That is why he made a comparison between apartheid and communism.”

Listen to the audio below for the full interview.

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