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[LISTEN] ANC Free State will challenge outcome of provincial congress

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[LISTEN] ANC Free State will challenge outcome of provincial congress

On Tuesday, 22 May 2018 Political Analysis South Africa’s Thando Maeko spoke to Monnapule Ntamo, who speaks on behalf of disgruntled ANC members in the Free State.

The African National Congress (ANC) in the Free State held a provincial conference this past weekend where attendees elected new leadership. Since the conference, some members of the ANC in the province have raised objections to the holding of the elective conference, saying they had only learnt of the conference in a short space of time, and only through social media and not official channels of the party.

Ntamo says he and other aggrieved ANC Free State members will be heading to court to challenge the outcomes of the conference. He also alleges the conference was held despite objections by some ANC members in the province. Explaining that those in leadership structures wanted to ensure their favoured candidates were given leadership positions, so that they may continue to engage in alleged corrupt activities.

“We begin to be suspicious as well…that maybe these guys are so entrenched in corruption in government, in such that if anybody who’s not them occupies government seats, then he’ll reveal that corruption. Therefore they fight nail and teeth to make sure that they retain his own people into government seats,” he said.

Listen to the audio below for the full interview.