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Kenya’s low water distribution partially attributed to water leakages

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Leading water and energy solutions company Davis and Shirtliff attributed low water distribution efficiency in Kenya to a lack of best practice application and good operating practices.

A report by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 2018 estimated that Kenya loses up to 430 000 cubic metres (430 million litres) of water through leaks, burst pipes, theft or meter abuse every year.

This report, issued on Thursday, 11 July 2019, indicates the loss of clean water worth 12.2 billion shillings (116 million dollars).

“Incorporating technology with proper management practices in water distribution will increase the proportions of new leaks reported as well as the level of undetectable small leakages. This therefore offers an opportunity to have the identified leaks fixed and ultimately prevent further revenue loss through non-revenue water,” Davis and Shirtliff Chief Executive Officer, David Gatende said in Nairobi.

Technology he added will increase the speed at which the locations of leaks are identified and help in the collection of data for analysis.

Davis and Shirtliff also attributed the high losses incurred in relation to non-revenue water to insufficient training on the part of those working in water utility companies as well as a lack in emphasis on preventive maintenance.

“Effectively mitigating the occurrence of leaks during the transportation of water to both residential and commercial spaces is critical in ensuring that the supply of water in the country meets its demand,” Gatende pointed out.


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