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Katie Hopkins “must stop peddling cheap lies” – Home Affairs

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Conservative commentator, Katie Hopkins “must stop peddling cheap lies,” this is according to the spokesperson for the South African Department of Home Affairs, Mava Scott.

Scott was responding to a claim made by Hopkins on social media that she was “detained” on Tuesday, 6 February, while attempting to leave South Africa because her “passport has been marked for spreading racial hatred here in South Africa, trying to find out and tell the story of white farmers being murdered.”

Speaking to Political Analysis South Africa on Wednesday, 7 February, Scott scoffed at Hopkin’s claim, saying there “is no person who is prohibited from entering or leaving the country on the basis of outrageous allegations of racism – there is no such a thing.”

Scott also questioned Hopkins account, pointing out that in the video she posted on twitter, that there are other people queuing with her, not being detained. He also rebuked her for expecting to leave the country without her passport being checked, saying, “did you [Katie Hopkins] expect to just walk through without your passport being checked? Which country does not check passports at ports of entry?”

Katie Hopkins says she was in South Africa to “investigate the plight of the white farmer, who is being hunted from his land by gangs of black farm attackers.” She has since left the country.