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Julius Malema: “Remove the ANC from power to honour Sindiso Magaqa”

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Julius Malema: “Remove the ANC from power to honour Sindiso Magaqa”

Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has urged voters to rid South Africa of corruption and to honour Sindiso Magaqa’s memory by removing the ANC from power.

EFF’s Commander-in-Chief Julius Malema has never shied away from making bold and radical statements. In fact, the party is known for its radical approach to addressing pressing issues in the country.

While campaigning at the Chatsworth Sports Stadium in Durban on Sunday, 24 March 2019, Julius Malema put heavy emphasis on ridding the country of corruption. He called the African National Congress (ANC) “corrupt to the core,” saying that the party’s leaders are even killing each other to gain power and prominence.

“They’re finishing each other. The ANC has become a dog that’s eating its own children. They’ve killed my friend Sindiso Magaqa because he was fighting corruption. He was exposing the ugly head of corruption in Umzimkhulu, they shot and killed him. They must know that we will never rest until those who killed Sindiso and all the innocent souls are in prison,” he said.

He urged voters to fight against corruption, expressing that one way to do it would be by exercising their democratic right to vote.

“The only way to honour Magaqa and all who were killed by ANC mayors is to remove ANC from power on the 8th of May … they are killing each other because of our own resources. They are fighting for money amongst themselves. The ANC is corrupt to the core, you can’t help [it] even if you try,” he said.

Julius Malema has been known to make bold statements when addressing corruption and the methods in which it should be fought. In his address, he singled out President Cyril Ramaphosa and called him the most corrupt member of the ANC, referring to the Marikana massacre of 2012.

“They thought by bringing Ramaphosa, they would be helping the ANC … even if they wake up Nelson Mandela himself, there is no way he can rescue this ANC, that’s how corrupt this ANC is. No one can help it, not even Ramaphosa because Ramaphosa is worse. Ramaphosa must go to jail for having killed 34 mine workers in Marikana. No one was arrested, no one was demoted, no one was fired from work because they killed black people,” he said.

Abenathi Gqomo
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