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Jackie Phamotse may face further legal action for her unsolicited tweets

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Jackie Phamotse may face further legal action for her unsolicited tweets

Author Jackie Phamotse has again come under fire for accusations she made against various media personalities.

Bare author, Jackie Phamotse has yet again been threatened with legal action for accusations she has made on social media against various media personalities. Phamotse was sentenced with a harassment judgement only two weeks ago, after Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo sued her for defaming their names online. Then on Monday, media practitioner, Lupi Ngcayisa published apparent court documents from the Kumalo case, which sparked angry responses from the author. Publicist Linda Moeketsi showed support to Ngcayisa and claimed to have an ‘army of lawyers’ prepared to take on Phamotse.

The first tweets sent out by Ngcayisa allege that Phamotse argued the defence that she is a fiction writer to curb the charges that the Kumalo’s had brought against her. Ngcayisa then wrote, “How are WE to tell what is real and what is fictional in @JackiePhamotse ‘s book when she has lied with such big things. How are we to trust her personal story? Is it her personal story or is it her creative and malicious fiction? Jacky you owe society an apology.” said Ngcayisa. He also called for Exclusive Books to recall Bare and refund those who had bought the novel.

Phamotse then sent out a statement about the argument against her. She tweeted, “It is so unfortunate that we have come to this point however my name and brand needs to be protected. We will be taking legal action against @lupingcayisa for his recent smear campaign.  You will definitely be hearing from my legal team.” In response to this tweet, publicist Linda Moeketsi proposed legal support to Ngcayisa. He also claimed that Phamotse had smeared his name and threateningly stated, “She must bring everything she has. I AM READY!”



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